About Us

About Us

I established ReVamp initially to support my aspiration for purchasing properties to refurbish, extend or rebuild, with a view to then reselling. With my extensive experience in house building and a trusted workforce, I then expanded my business to take on developments for others. Most of my projects are in St. Albans and the surrounding areas, from Berkhamstead to Hadley Wood.

Over the years I have become very familiar with planning legislation, dealing regularly with both the Planning Office and Building Control. I have a good eye to recommend how to get the most out of a property, whilst understanding what can be done whether under permitted development or with planning permission.

Along my journey I have built up a regular, reliable crew of sub-contractors, all of whom are specialists in their own right. They consist of builders, plumbers, electricians, plasterers, carpenters, roofers and landscapers. Being hands-on whilst running a site, I have been quick to identify unreliable tradesmen so that my multi-trade labour force consists of sub-contractors that I have worked with for many years. Thus, they are familiar with the quality standards and delivery timelines I expect.

Two things you may also want to know about me:

  • I’m a problem solver. I’ve had many hurdles to overcome during builds and I’m all about finding the solution to move things forward.
  • I have OCD which makes for an interesting combination with a builder! But I pride myself on keeping a clean site which is often recognised by building control during site inspections.
Rodney McNamee, Managing Director

The Other Half, aka Brand & Marketing Manager, Interior Designer and ReVamp Diaries blogger…

For every property development I’ve done, my wife has chosen and designed all the internals, from the bathrooms to the flooring, the kitchens to the walk-in-wardrobes – the latter clearly a woman’s pièce de résistance! She has worked closely with me through multiple developments, and several house moves and is therefore pretty au fait with the ins and outs of building houses, internal design and all that this entails.

She is also the creative and marketing mind behind our growing brand and businesses. With a BA Hons in modern languages acquired at Lancaster University, after 20+ years working in the travel industry, she has now put her suitcase to the side to return to her academic routes and launch our blog, ReVamp Diaries, with the intention of developing this into a book over time.  It’ll be a team effort.

Through my years building, we’ve come across so many people embarking on their own projects, but let’s face it unless you’re an experienced builder it can be quite a minefield. We have seen countless people let down by builders and other tradesmen, or having unforeseen costs throw a spanner in the works. We take this to heart and really want to help everyone achieve their dream home, as seamlessly and as cost effectively as possible.

We’ve also seen many people delighted with their builders, tradesmen and the end product, and we want this to be everyone’s experience! Our blog and eventually the book is therefore intended for those embarking on their own building projects to share our knowledge, experience and insight to ensure everyone is “in the know” and guide them through their build, in the right order, and with everything that is likely to come up along the way – the issues, solutions and decisions they’ll have to make, with our own personal recommendations from years building (and moving!).

The blog will both follow real-time case studies of building projects we’re working on, as well as bring to discussion key themes surrounding all matters related to building and renovating houses. We therefore invite you to follow and share our blog in the hope that it will provide some clarity, suggestions and guidance to help you and others on your own building journeys.

Emma McNamee, The Other Half


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