Building up the floors again…

Mac was determined to finish the flooring on the ground floor before breaking up for Christmas so worked right up until Christmas Eve, as did our liquid screeders.

I mentioned in our last blog that when we took up the floorboards there was solid concrete underneath which was a result to find, as we have the perfect base already in place. Had we not found a solid base of concrete we would have had to dig out 100mm of soil, type one it, then pour concrete over. So finding the solid concrete base underneath has probably saved about £3-5k. These sort of things are the reasons why you can never fully know your build costs, as until you start ripping out your house, you don’t know what you’ve got to work with and what you’ll find. You always need to add some contingency in. Thankfully what we found this time worked in our favour.

The whole family (and a couple of helping friends!) spent Saturday in the run up to Christmas at the house prepping the floor for the next stage. We chiselled away any bumps in the concrete floor surface, and we cleared away any debris and dust, so we had an even, clean surface on which to lay the next levels of damp proofing and insulation.

We had a void of just under 27cm to fill, so in first instance the membrane was laid for an initial layer of damp proofing. Check out the short video below. This is lapped up the sides of the walls by 400mm to ensure no damp gets in and so that it sits above the insulation boards, lapping with the second layer of membrane that will go in after the insulation.

On top of the first layer of membrane we put down 200mm of insulation boards. This required 2 levels of insulation boards – the first were void filling insulation boards, cut precisely to leave no gaps.

The second layer of insulation was Kingspan, again laid precisely over the first layer right up to all corners of the room. Precision work. With all this insulation it will be nice and toasty and cosy in the lounge and drawing room. Happy days.

The insulation boards were laid throughout the 2 ground floor rececption rooms and hallway, with a second layer of membrane then placed over it all for further damp proofing, lapping up the walls over the first.

At this point we then hand over to underfloor heating and liquid screed specialists to finish the job!

On day one they laid the underfloor heating that all went in to a central manifold on the right side of the house, against the wall that the utility will back on to in the extension. This way, when we do the extension, the underfloor heating from the new extension will then be able to join in through the utility to the same manifold. Forward planning! But at least we can get the existing part of the house up and running whilst we’re waiting for planning permission to build the new part.

The following day they pumped in a 70mm leveling of liquid screed over the top of the underfloor heating. Again, take a look at the short video below and you can see this in action being pumped in.

This was then left to dry for 48hrs, over Christmas. Perfect timing to close site for a few days!

A good stopping point ready for the New Year.

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