Final week of rip-out

With planning permission now granted, we’re using this week to finish the rip-out and clear away any remaining internal “stuff” not required. Although we didn’t need to take the floors up, some areas had tiles on them, so these have now been removed and we’re stripped back to the concrete floor everywhere.

We’ve cleared out all the debris from the house so we’ve got a clean canvas internally. This is put into piles of separated hardcore at the front ready for grab lorry clearance. This gives us the chance to properly take a look at the space we’ve got, with the internal walls we’re planning to keep, so we can determine best layout inside for this new home. We want to create a spacious and light feel to the property, but also ensure the house appeals to a wider audience and demands maximum resell value. We’re going to put an accessible bathroom as an ensuite to the downstairs bedroom, as well as separate toilet for family usage, but we’re also seeing if we can allow for a walk-in-wardrobe area with the downstairs bedroom too – this way the buyer can decide between two master bedrooms – one upstairs, one downstairs.

We also had an unexpected win this week. The conservatory needed to be dismantled and cleared off site. As a trial, I took some pictures and posted this on a 3 day sale on eBay, advising that the buyer was responsible for dismantling and collecting in person within 3 days of purchase. Much to our surprise we had over 500 views and nearly 200 watchers and the conservatory auctioned for £381. It’s being disassembled and taken away by the buyer this weekend. Every little bit of income like this will help to bank-roll the development, but it’s also saved us about £500 on labour and clearance – result!

There’s also a lean-to / car port at the side of the house so I’ve now got that listed on eBay too for £0.99, which was our starting bid price for the conservatory too – our aim was initially to save on clearance costs so we were happy to give it away free of charge if someone was happy to dismantle and remove from site for us! We don’t expect the lean-to to fetch much, but hey, it’s all a cost saving if someone else takes it down and away. It’s already got 200 views, 17 watchers and 1 bid, so it’s going to go!

Finally this week, we’re also removing the render off the walls externally, stripping the surface back to brick ready to join to the new extension when it goes up. This was achieved with breakers, with the workers wearing protective gloves, face mask, glasses and ear defenders.

Next week it will be all about the foundations!

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