From Rip Out to Install

Much of the ground floor extension we’ve planned will be under permitted development, but we’re still holding fire for now on starting building works so as not to complicate things, and in the hope that the plans go through smoothly with the planning office in first instance. Positive thinking right?!

However, this doesn’t stop us cracking on with the existing house internally. So the internal rip out has now been completed – the floorboards have come up, wall paper has been steamed and scraped off and we’ve enlargened the door opening from the hallway in to the lounge from a single to a double opening.

Mac was delighted taking up the floorboards to find solid concrete underneath. Result. This will certainly save us some time and money too.

We then had to go through the existing house with a red spray can and our forward thinking caps on to mark out where we want all the electrics going – light switches, TV points, plug sockets etc… This can be a bit tricky, especially when we haven’t figured out all the room set up and furniture yet. Will TVs be up on the walls, or sitting on TV units? Wall lights, ceiling lights or floor lights? Spots or pendant lights in the bay windows? Where will the beds be going to allow for bedside sockets & light switches. Etc. etc… Such tricky decisions so early on in the renovation, but changing things like this later can be very time consuming and costly.

Decisions decisions, I had a day to figure it all out. And if in doubt, i’ve doubled up to allow for a couple of scenarios in the rooms I’m undecided! The next morning the electricians were in and first fix electrics in the existing part of the house is now complete.

I’ve also allowed for external sockets at the front of the house as I can’t wait to get decorations out there next Christmas!

So far so good and we’ve still managed to do all this without disturbing the coving or ceiling roses downstairs.

The staircase has also been taken down now, and we’ve already got provisional designs for the new staircase from James Steel Staircases – we met on site to go through the designs further and make a few modifications so they can now be priced up.

All this was done in the week running up to Christmas, I’m just a little behind in blogging about it whilst focusing on Christmas and family priorities:-)

Next priority – underfloor heating and flooring. Full speed ahead.

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