It’s all in the detail…

We tend to find it’s the finishing touches and attention to detail that give a property it’s wow factor. One ReVamp trademark finish in our own developments involves the use of chrome trim to edge bathroom door frames, windows, and break up contrasting tiles or mosaics.   This gives the space a contemporary design finish, elegantly framing it’s features and creating sleek lines.

Different tiles often have different depths,  particularly if you’re mixing up a tile with a mosaic feature,  so breaking up complementary tiles and mosaics with a chrome trim also serves well to distract from any differences in their depths, enhancing the smooth flow from one tile to the next.

Vertical lines help create a feeling of length or height, so this can be particularly effective in a room with lower ceilings to make the room seemingly taller.  Similarly, horizontal lines lend themselves to a wider appearance, so using horizontal lines in your finish will likewise make a smaller room look wider.  Either way, horizontal or vertcial lines subtley trick your mind in to believing the space is larger than it actually is, and this illusion is heightened if you add contrasting tiles or mosaics to the equation as it’s even more noticeable.

Door frame, window frame or tile border or wall edging, we reckon the trim always adds to the design effect creating a neat, sleek finish.  What do you think?

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