Let the Works Commence…

Within 2 hours of completion a skip was delivered to site and Mission Rip Out began. Mac wastes no time and is in his absolute element when it comes to ripping out a house.

His priority is to get all the messy work out of the way, clear the debris and get the house clean and tidy to work in. His OCD sets in. As we’re keeping the structure of the existing house, including retaining the hallway, 2 reception rooms and 2 bedrooms in their current format, we want to get the internal renovation done this side of Christmas. We just love some of the period features like the arches framing the bay windows and doors here.

This way when we get planning permission in the New Year we can focus on the extension and joining it in to the existing house. We’re keen to turn the whole project round in 5 months and get in!

So, in the 3 days last week once we took ownership of the house all the following was achieved:

  • carpets ripped out, Mac also took up a couple of floorboards on the ground floor to see what he had to play with underneath and factor in to our flooring plans
  • bathrooms and tiles all ripped out
  • ceilings taken down on the 1st floor, enabling us to see into the loft and the timber structure that is already there
  • plumbing capped and drained down, leaving one external toilet functional for the workers, but otherwise all plumbing, radiators and pipework removed. Mac took all the copper to the scrap yard over the weekend which cashed in for £250
  • internal doors, architrave and skirting all removed
  • a couple of non-supporting stud walls have been taken down on the 1st floor. This has created a fantastic open space at the front of the house at the top of the stairs where we’d planned to put an office, but it’s now such a lovely open space, flooding the landing with light, so we may just have to leave it open now and create a little library and reading area instead!
  • all the timber is being de-nailed and bagged up so that we can put it in a log shed as it will make great kindling for the log burner we are planning to install
  • scaffolding went up for a couple of days in order to remove the 2 chimneys on the right-hand side of the house, and seal them in. Scaffolding was then taken back down and won’t now be required until we have planning permission and start the extension work
  • the shrubbery and trees blocking access to the driveway were all taken out, and a digger was in for a day to dig up and level the driveway, fill the void with crushed concrete and level type one over the top. We can now get the bulk of the trades vehicles parking on the driveway to minimise excessive vehicle disruption to neighbours
  • the coal storage outbuilding at the side of the house has been knocked down

I’m truly amazed, though not surprised, at how much Mac achieved in the first few days with a couple of labourers. He’s a man on a mission for sure… he also takes great pride in ensuring the site is left tidy and clean at the end of the day, inside and out. He doesn’t like mess, and he is respectful of the surrounding community and neighbourhood. More so than ever as we’ll also be calling this home soon.

Alongside all this work going on, we’ve also had various suppliers out to site to start taking measurements for pricing up and planning the project ahead. Electrician. Plumber. Window fitter. Scaffolders. Landscapers. Plasterers. It’s all go!

We’ve also been working with the architect, Seth White Architects, to finalise our plans as we’re looking to submit by the end of this week in the hope that we can get the green light for planning permission by the end of January. Please pretty please.

All in all, a tremendous first few days ripping out, 2 skips filled and a useable driveway now.

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