Planning Application Submitted

Last week we finalised our plans, working closely with Seth White Architects. We had a good idea as to what we wanted to achieve with the internal space, and of course Mac is a pro at the building side of things, so can factor in what is most feasible, practical and cost effective from a build perspective.

However, as this is our forever home, we really wanted new input too in terms of how it all comes together, the external look, and how we can give it a bit of a design flair too. We also wanted to work sympathetically with the existing house, whilst bringing it in to the current era.

Seth completely took on board our requirements, and came up with some great ideas, several design options and we love the final plans we’ve submitted for planning approval on Friday.

We don’t believe we’re requesting anything too contentious, so very much hoping we can get planning approved swiftly, so we can get it built and move in! Mac doesn’t like to wait around, and we’re so excited to be getting on with the project. We’re impatient to start!

In summary we’re applying for:

  • 4 metre ground floor extension across the rear of the property under permitted development, with a 0.5m overhang for rain cover. One side of this will be an open verandah, as I’m keen for an American style porch off the back of the house. The other side will be part of the open plan kitchen/diner, with corner bi-folds opening on to the garden and verandah
  • Double storey side extension, in line front and back with the existing house. Many of the houses down the street have already done this, so hopefully the precedent has already been set here
  • Loft conversion, with side and back dormers. Again, loft extensions are allowed under permitted development, subject to what you do with the roof. Other houses down the street have already gone in to the loft with dormers too, along with side extensions, so hopefully our plans are in line with what has already been done.

Fingers crossed! Please pretty please!

A few specifics that were on our wish list for the final house:

  • cloakroom/bootroom
  • storage cupboards/airing cupboard
  • utility with laundry shoot from 1st floor
  • larder
  • booth style dining area built in around window
  • outdoor rear porch/verandah
  • 2 separate studies/offices
  • walk-in wardrobes for master bedroom

Seth has managed to incorporate all these in to our final designs you can see here.

We loved his suggestion to create the bootroom off the side entrance to the house, so as a family we’ll use the side entrance to enter/exit our home and stop shoes, boots and coats forever gathering in the front entrance hallway – one of my personal bugbears!

The lounge bay doors will open on to the outdoor verandah, with a skylight above it to flood it with light. Similarly there are 2 skylights over the back kitchen/dining area for lots of natural light to flow through.

The fireplace and chimney are being retained on the left side of the house so we can put a log burner in the lounge.

On the first floor there is a step in on the walk through at bedroom 2, to create an airing cupboard space, and all the bathrooms are lined along the side wall in the extension for ease of plumbing and drainage which is down that side of the house.

And we’re keeping all the beautiful bay windows in the existing house and rooms.

Moving in to the loft, we’re hoping to crown the roof for maximum head height. We hope to use the side dormer spaces to their max to accommodate an ensuite on one side and an office and separate storage room either side of the stairs in the other side dormer, with his ‘n’ hers walk-in wardrobes at the front.

As it’s such a big loft space, we’re looking to put in a stud wall to break up the bedroom, with the bed facing out to the rear.

Seth also suggested the master bedroom having juliette style balcony doors and full glass frontage opening to garden views, we loved this idea!

As for the external look of the house, Seth came up with the idea of a metal cladding wrap across the ground floor rear extension, which we would mirror with the rear dormer by wrapping this in metal cladding too, and this brings an element of contemporary design to this 1930s home.

So with plans submitted it’s now a waiting game, though Seth will continue to liaise with the planning office to monitor progress and communicate on any areas of concern incase any small adjustments need to be made.

Fingers crossed though our plans will be well received and approved without delay.

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