Worktops or windowsills?

At ReVamp we love a white kitchen worktop if you’re going for a contemporary look.  What’s not to like with white?!  It’s inoffensive, brightens up a room, matches with pretty much everything and is the definition of purity and cleanliness.    It also oozes sophistication and creates balance.  There you have it – we’re enamoured with white!  And a shiny white can really illuminate your space.  We have had customers sometimes question how easy it is to keep a white worktop clean, but with a little surface spray and kitchen roll kept nearby it’s an easy feat.   For any more stubborn stains from the likes of red wine or curry, White Rocks works a treat!  We discovered this fantastic product at the Ideal Home Show several years ago and have never looked back since.  A tub lasts for ages too as you can use it quite sparingly.

However, I’d not intended to rave about cleaning products here.  I’m far from a domesticated goddess – my mother-in-law will certainly vouch for that!  Rather, if you’re as smitten as us with white, I wanted to highlight where you can also put those white worktops to use throughout the house.  At ReVamp in our own developments, whilst our quartz fitter is templating for the kitchen worktops,  he also does a circuit of the whole house to template all the windowsills at the same time.   This is therefore one of the final touches that goes in to a ReVamp development and really finishes a property off with panache, so the same luminous and stylish white polished stone surface flows throughout every room of the house.

And a good kitchen worktop fitter can also work with different shapes and sizes, so can be really effective within a bay window setting too, with luscious curves or lines!

It’s a really satisfying feeling to see these worktops and windowsills go in, as they signify the “coming of age” of a new development for us.  It’s that final touch that makes all the difference, transitioning the home to it’s completed, perfect state.  When the windowsills have gone in, we walk around with a sense of serenity and pride at a job well done.  The home is complete.  We feel complete.

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